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    “Harold brings a wonderful blend of the Pastoral role and the Financial role to encourage God's people to greater levels of stewardship.  I would highly recommend him to you without reservation.  He will add value to your Pastoral Staff, to the people you Pastor, and to the Church you serve.” 

-- Pastor Farrell Lemmings, Cornelius, NC

   “I want to introduce a new friend who left us better than when he came. We're having him back.

    "He encouraged our congregation about stewardship without manipulation or guilt—refreshing!  Our investment as a church to bring Harold out has paid dividends both now and in the future.”

-- Pastor Sean Appleton, Quartz Hill, CA

    “As a pastor for over 45 years myself, serving congregations from 100 to 10,000, I would readily invite Harold’s help into any venue where I have ministered.”

-- Jack Hayford, Pastor Emeritus, Church on the Way, Van Nuys, CA

    “Harold, what a HUGE blessing you were to us!  I had expected your visit to be good,but I was quite surprised at how wonderfully the Lord used you.”

-- Jerry Dirmann: Senior Pastor, The Rock, Anaheim, CA

    “I’ve never heard the concept of stewardship presented so clearly.  This should be taught to everyone.”

-- Steve Stephens: Senior Pastor, Word of Life Christian Center, Rock Island, IL

    “When someone comes to speak on stewardship, you sort of expect it to be a bit dry.  Brother, let me tell you... Harold is not dry!”

-- Dan Downey: Associate Pastor, Valley Community Church, El Monte, CA

And He ... gave some to be ... pastors and teachers,

for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry,

for the edifying of the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:11-12)

Suggested Events

  1. Bullet   Worship, Sunday evening, or Midweek Services

  2. Bullet    Leadership training for S.S. teachers and small group leaders   

  3. Bullet    Men’s, Women’s, Seniors, Couples Meetings or Retreats

  4. Bullet    Pastor’s Conferences, Retreats, or Conventions

  5. Bullet    Stewardship Conferences

  6. Bullet    Follow up to Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University”

  7. Bullet    Follow up to Crown Financial Ministries Series

Suggested Topics

  1. Bullet   Tackling the Stress Issue (for teachers & leaders): How to use the book as a teaching tool.

  2. Bullet    Dethrone the Stress Bully: Separate the stress and apply faith to the problem.

  3. Bullet    Before Stewardship: Trust and obedience come first.

  4. Bullet    10-Talent Believers: Manage a little and qualify to manage much more.

  5. Bullet   Tackling the Tough Stuff: Break through habits and sins that so easily beset us.

  6. Bullet    Leave a More Effective Inheritance: Giving more than money to those you love.

To schedule a speaking date, call 940-453-7655 or to send email  click here.mailto:hmetzel@me.com?subject=Schedule%20a%20Speaking%20Dateshapeimage_8_link_0
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