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    Stress-Free Believers can be obtained at a discount when ordered in quantity. This discount is only available when purchased directly from the author. (Discount does not apply if acquired through Amazon or other distributors.) Discount prices apply whether requested by an individual, for small group use, by a church, or retail outlet.

    The book is also available to qualified wholesale buyers. It was specifically designed for churches to use as a study guide for small groups, women’s or men’s meetings, youth groups, or midweek Bible studies. But it’s also a great fit for outlets where Christians look for resources; such as, church book stores, Christian book stores, or even Christian doctors and counselors.

Discount Levels

  1. Bullet  4-10 books:      (20%)

  2. Bullet  11-50 books:    (30%)

  3. Bullet  51-200 books:  (40%)

  4. Bullet  201+ books:    (50%)

Invoices must be paid in advance by credit card or check. Shipping is additional.

To order in quantity, call: 940-453-7655

(Note: We cannot accept returns.)

Price $12.95

When combined with a speaking engagement, your group is entitled to additional discount pricing for quantity purchases.
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