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Dear Pastor:

    Writing this book was motivated by meeting with many believers who found themselves so stressed out they could barely think straight. Learning how to handle the stress part of a problem helped to clear their heads and remind them of how to continue forward with faith.

    For the past eight years, I’ve been ministering in churches with staff as well as members to discuss how we can each become even better stewards of what God puts into our hands.

    If you’d like to review that program and consider it for your church, go to www.10TB.org. The 10-Talent Believer program has not only helped people find ways out of their dilemma, but has released future gifts to the church amounting to several hundred thousand dollars on average.

    I’ve also developed a program to coach both staff and church volunteers in establishing a permanent endowment fund for the local church. After years of working on site with these people, I’ve now developed a coaching program that can be accessed remotely, which avoids the travel expenses of periodically flying me in for consulting. You may want to review this program as well. It can bring long-term financial stability to the ministry of your church, ensuring that what you build now will endure and continue to produce fruit until Jesus returns. To learn more, to go www.FinancialStewardshipTeams.com.

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