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About the Book


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The Book (Paperback)
Group Study DVD
Audio Book on CDs

Price: $19.95

Price: $19.95

Free sample clips from DVD. 1:41 min.

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From 1-3 books, the audio book
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Group Study DVD
   Created especially to aid small group study, the author puts forth a mindset for discussing each chapter of the book. Every one of the  5-10 minute topics offers a case study to stimulate  further thought.
   This valuable resource will make the study sessions more practical, whether used in small group study, men’s or women’s groups, youth groups, or other church discussion groups.

Audio Book on CDs
Read by the author, the CD series provides an option for those who:
Prefer to listen than read.
Don’t have enough time to read.
Enjoy having a resource that can be reviewed over and over, helping the principles to sink in.
Can make better use of time while on the road, at the gym, cooking dinner, or any other time-consuming activity. 
Makes “reading” much more available to those who have busy lifestyles.
Available on CD for use in the car or portable CD players.
Can also be downloaded onto an MP3 or other player.
Great as a gift for shut-ins, the elderly, family members in nursing homes, or for those temporarily laid up in the hospital.