Turn Worry into Faith, Turmoil into Peace   .


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Harold Metzel
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About the Book

 In my day-to-day responsibilities of pastoring I continually see firsthand the damage created by stress and most of the time individuals are not accurately applying the very faith they profess.
  What I appreciated most about the book is that everything is supported with Scripture.  Also it is very practical addressing the major points of need.  I hope many people will read it and apply the principles to come to new levels of freedom.
—Farrell Lemmings, pastor
Grace Community Church
Cornelius, NC

Stress-Free Believers: Turn Worry into Faith, Turmoil into Peace is a book that tells you what you need to know to dethrone the stress bully. Healthy stress serves you, but unhealthy stress can wreak havoc in your life. Stress-Free Believers is tailored to Christians who want to see faith, instead of fear, growing stronger in their lives.

Unlike many books, Stress-Free Believers doesn't offer lessons in psychology or suggest that you run to the doctor for a nerve-calming prescription. Rather, it provides practical steps to separate stress from the problem, understand what God may be doing in the midst of each issue, and remind you of the role God wants you to fill.

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